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Zombie Costume/Makeup!

OK, lots of people have been asking about makeup & costumes....

I've compiled a directory of stuff to get you re-animated without spending a fortune.
Just make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to gorify and clean up the mess!

For makeup this site rocks and it's cheap. I just discovered it! Order now and get some practice before you Zombiewalk!

Good make-up tips once you get by the ads for their stuff....

AWESOME! They made a burnt hand with skin showing out of asparagus and
telephone parts; the compound fracture is SICK; not all the links work though

From the Goodwill Thrift Store site:

Near the bottom of the page is the all important "how to make fake
intestines"......and I love their "don't sew?" tip

The tip at the bottom of the page is good for peeling zombie flesh made from kitchen items:

Anyone got $3500 bucks? holee crap...

Nerd alert!\

SF zombie party-

And here is my short list of suggestions for Seattle folks:

1. Making a trip to Display & Costume in Northgate will be worth your while. Get some whitening face paint, black grease paint, bruise colored eyeshadows and black eyeliner to start with.

2. Oatmeal and liquid latex works wonders.

3. Food coloring and corn syrup makes convincing blood, but sticky. However, it is also tasty.

4. It looks great to tease out you hair if it is long. Sprinkle some leaves in it!

5. Value Village - but I'm sure it's hardly necessary to mention that.

Zombie Costume for Men-

What you need: Old wool blazer (mens), Scissors, Black turtleneck, Black Pants, Hair spray/Coloured hair spray, Face paint (white, grey and black)

What you do:
1. Go to a local thrift store and find an old men's wool blazer.
2. Hack holes in the sweater (carefully) with a pair of scissors, then machine wash the sweater (the washing will increase the size and wear of the holes).
3. Wear and old black turtleneck under the hacked up sweater, along with and old pair of pants (you can also hack up the pants and turtleneck if you wish)
4. Use gel or hair spray to tangle up their hair, or add colored sprays.
5. Start painting the face using white for a base coat and adding grays and blacks to it to get a mottled effect. Apply dark colors around or under the eyes.
6. Options Using fake costume skin you can add layers of skin hanging off face and neck. Fake blood can also add creepy touches to a zombie costume.

For Gals.....remember you can be a dead version of a receptionist, cheerleader, nurse jogger etc.
check out: just for fun!

Be creative with your costume, but remember that you will be the most convincing looking if you look like an un-dead version of who you normally are.

How's that for brain food!

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