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Post and Repost!

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Jun. 8th, 2010 | 05:29 pm

Seattle Zombies!!! Tonight at the volunteer meeting we be discussing how to spread the zombie infection and fill Fremont with zombies on July 3rd. This month we can fill the Seattle with zombies at parades, events and even just riding the elevator at the mall. Have fun and pass out the mini handouts can help spread the news to victims.. I mean future zombies who are out of the loop. We have the following files to use in spreading the infection. Post and repost as much as you can.

Zombie mini hand outs:
Print these out and hand them out when you are roaming around as a zombie!

Read White and Dead hand flier:
Print this out and pin it at work, school, locations with plenty of people.

Links to photo advertisements:
Post this on every blog, message board, forum, facebook, myspace, whatever you use post it.. This is how the zombie infection spreads!


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