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Zombie Infection Starts Now!

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Jun. 5th, 2010 | 07:24 pm

Seeeaaattttlllleeeee ZOMBIES! Are you ready for Red White and Dead?!?!? We are one month away from the big event and I wish it was here right now.

I hope everyone is ready to spread the zombie infection and fill this town with zombies! What better way to bring in the world record than zombie sightings in different parts of town. Zombies riding the elevators, on the light rail, walks on the beach or even.. hey who wants to 'ride the duck of seattle?'

Meet us at the Wayward Cafe @ 6pm next Tuesday 6/8/10
or email me at seattlezombiewalk@gmail.com

This is going to be a great zombie season and we have the Zombie Horde to do it, join us on Tuesday so we can go over the zombie plans and you can be a part of zombie history too.

Zombie Walk Calendar:

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