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Capitol hill zombie walk

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May. 21st, 2010 | 03:11 pm

Hey guys and ghouls!
Tonight is our zombie walk in capitol hill, we attack the SIFF that is showing Romero's latest film Survival of the Dead at midnight!

It could be cold and wet so bring warm zombie clothing

This Friday May 21st!
10pm - ZomBcon Happy Hour Party - Boom Noodle
1121 East Pike Street, Seattle, WA

11PM - ZOMBIE WALK - Boom Noodle to Egyptian Theater
805 East Pine Street, Seattle, WA

The film screening will be at MIDNIGHT at The Egyptian theater in Capitol Hill.

The zombie infection is spreading..
Ryan Reiter and Eric Pope will be on KOMO news talking about tonight's zombie walk.
Crypticon will be filming the zombie walk to use for a web advertisement.

This is going to be a great zombie season!

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