cleozombie (cleozombie) wrote,

We are two days away from the Norwescon Zombie Walk!

Thanks to a large donation of 50 hospital gowns will have them ready and bloodied for the first 50 zombies that show up *hint hint if anyone else wants has a zombie doctor costume*

All day there will be dance lessons for the thriller dance from 1pm to 3pm and 4pm to 6pm at Maxi’s Ballroom. Zombie Make up prep and panels will be at 8pm

Thrill the World, Thrill Norwescon:
Thursday 1:00pm -3:00pm Maxi’s Ballroom
Thursday 4:00pm - 6:00pm Maxi’s Ballroom repeat
Zombie make up, panel, prep at Grand 2 room 8pm
Zombie Walk from starting at 9pm ending at the dance for the thriller song

When: April 1st @ 8pm for the Zombie Walk, Zombie fun and mayhem throughout the weekend!!
Where: Grand 2 room at DoubleTree Hotel Seattle Airport 18740 International Blvd SeaTac, Washington
Who: Zombies who want to attack a Science Fiction Convention
Why: Because we want to see zombies chase after Trekkies, hobbits and Sci-Fi fans
Cost: Just Thursday $30, all weekend $60 long story short if you want to be a zombie at this convention you need to be in the convention to get access into the rooms where most of the action is taking place.
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