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Zombie Season 2010

Zombie Season the preview!

Good evening Seattle Zombie Walk, we are excited for this year in zombie because as always we have a great time and keep getting better. The Zombie mania is still blossoming everywhere you turn, from movies to music you can’t escape it. We have a lot planned and as the season rolls along we are always approached with more events to crash.. I mean Join! This year we plan on two major walks with smaller walks in between.

The big walk not to miss is
on July 3rd.

We shattered the world record last year only to lose it 2 months later to a Rave in England, our target number is over 4026 but lets make it so high that Seattle can hold onto that record once and for all.

This is a time line of the Zombie Walks around the corner in case you haven't had your fill on zombie fun.Come out as much as you can and help spread the infection!
- June 19th Fremont Solstice Parade ZOMBIES JOINING
- June 19th Crypticon Zombie Walk
- June 27th Seattle Pride Parade ZOMBIES JOINING
- July 3rd Red White and Dead

Our Seattle Zombie Walks have drawn attention from all around the Seattle communities and they want us to bring the zombie horde fun to them.

Fremont Solstice Parade
A wild and wacky parade with all forms of art and individual expression. Every year a group of zombies brings the rot, lets bring the Horde and join forces!
Where it starts: N 36th and Leary Way
Where it ends: Gasworks park
When: Noon to 2pm, June 19th

Seattle's largest horror convention is back for its 3rd year, they have a lot of fun zombie events planned throughout the weekend including a large zombie walk at 8pm on Saturday.
When: June 18th, 19th and 20th
Where: Holiday Inn, Downtown Everett 3105 Pine Street Everett, WA 98201
Fun things going on
-Zombie Walk: June 19th at 8pm Everett Ballroom 4 Zombie walk

-Zombie Game for VIP: Solve problems, figure out mysteries, play unique horror games, show off your horror knowledge, and win great prizes!

-Zombie Panels: June 18th at 7:00 PM Everett Ballroom 3 Zombie walk Make-up tips
June 19th at 5:00 PM Hoyt Room 1 Zombie Panel with the experts

Seattle Pride Parade
Both Seattle Pride and the Seattle Goth Community have asked us to join the Seattle Pride Parade this year! The pride parade is about Unity, Honor Diversity, and Achieve Equal Human Rights throughout our Region and the World. What do we have to offer? ZOMBIE PRIDE! ZOMBIES ARE PEOPLE TOO!
Who: Zombies willing to dress up and have a blast! Looking for peace signs like "Zombies are People too!" "DON'T HATE! DETERIORATE!" "ZOMBIE is the new Black" "RED, WHITE AND DEAD! JULY 3RD!" "BRAINS!" "ALL WE WANT IS BRAINS!"
Where: Downtown seattle on 4th street, we will be with the Seattle Goth float
When: June 27th, 11am
RULES: NO WEAPONS, NOTHING that would imply violence or hate (you can be dead and rotting but you can't be a hater), NO BUSINESS SIGNS OR LOGOS (you can advertise events like Red, White and Dead *hint hint*)

Red White and Dead
Returns this summer on Saturday, July 3rd to bring back the world record back to Seattle in Fremont. For more information, go to
Registration will be online this year and all proceeds will be given to charity...
When: Gather at 5:00pm
Where: 3501 Phinney Ave North, Seattle, WA
Why: Because we proved to the world we could break a record and bring the zombie madness to Seattle. This is our celebration of that event.

Also.. Keep an eye out for ZomBcon this Halloween at the Seattle Center!

The world's first dedicated Zombie Culture Convention debuts this Halloween in Seattle. The same team that brought you Red, White, and Dead and the Fremont Outdoor Movies bring you one of the hottest conventions to hub Seattle. Go to for news, updates and cool announcements starting April 1st. Convention Dates: Friday, Oct 29th - 31st

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The Official Seattle Zombie Walk Handbook

Follow Seattle Zombie Walk at:
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