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More October Zombie Events!

Adding to our previous list of October events:

Hey Seattle Zombies our friends in Centralia are going for the world record, lets show our zombie support and let the rest of the world know Washington loves its zombies!

ZOMBIE EVENT THIS WEEKEND - 10/17/09 - 4-8pm

Hearse & Rad Rod Cruise and Zombie Tromp Costume Event Attempt to break the World Record for the Largest Gathering of Zombies in Centralia, WA!!!

Jupiter Arts Center & Gallery, a non-profit arts organization located on N. Tower Avenue in Historic Downtown Centralia in conjunction with the Fairway Shopping Center & KMNT is sponsoring the First Annual Hearse & Rat Rod Cruise and Zombie Tromp Costume Event that will take place this Saturday, rain or shine.

The procession of the Hearses & Rad Rods will meet in the new Timberland Bank parking lot in Chehalis at 4pm. The troop of cars will be led by by the Coffin Cruisers Hearse Club from Portland, Oregon and the Rain City Hease Club out of Seattle, Washington. Heases & Rat Rods from as early as 1910 will be a part of the parade of cars and show. The cars will begin their processional parade through downtown Chehalis, the Fairway Shopping Center and into Downtown Historic Centralia to cruise downtown. Following the cruise all the cars will be parked downtown for a "Show & Shine" Car Show along Tower Avenue. This is a rare opportunity to see Hearse cars up close and many of the Hearse owners will be bringing their best Halloween costumes & effects to add to the fun of this event. All Hease and Rad Rods are welcome to participate and can still sign up to be a part of the event by contacting the car coordinator at 360-220-2256.

In addition to the Hearse & Rad Rod Cruise, the Zombie Tromp Walk About will be taking place in Historic Downtown Centralia as the cars are on display. This will be the largest Halloween themed event to ever take place in Lewis County. An attempt is being made to break the world record for the most zombies gathered in one location. The current record stands at 4,026. ALL ages are welcome and every person dressed in zombie costume will count towards breaking the record. The official Zombie Tromp will start around 5pm as the zombie costume parade begins circling on Tower Avenue around the show & shine portion of the car show. For shutterbugs this will be a photo opportunity not to be missed.

All "zombies" must check in at the Jupiter Arts Center to be counted towards the record breaking attempt.

After the Zombie Tromp, zombies are welcome to attend the 101st Birthday Party Celebration at the McMenamen's Olympic Club featuring live music or catch a bite to eat at the Hub City Club where they are offering food & drink specials for the night.

Jupiter Arts Center opened its doors at the beginning of summer and is currently featuring the gallery's forth exhibition in honor of Halloween, "OtherWorlds." For more information you can contact Jupiter Arts Center & Gallery at Jupiter Arts Center is located at 325 N. Tower Avenue, Centralia, WA 98531 360-807-4280 or 360-324-0224.


Redmond Thrill the World and Block Party Details


Hosts "Thrill The World" Zombie Block Party for Charity

The Redmond Zombies ( and SecondStory Repertory Theatre ( will host a "Thrill The World" Zombie Block Party to take place in Redmond Town Center on Saturday, Oct. 24, starting at 4pm.

Horror-themed street entertainment will be provided by members of the SecondStory Repertory Theatre, in conjunction with Redmond Town Center food outlets and businesses. The Party will culminate in a mass "Thriller" dance as part of the "Thrill The World" attempt to break the orld record for simultaneous dance. Groups worldwide will participate in this event on the weekend before Halloween.

The SecondStory Repertory Theatre will be providing improvisational street theater performances throughout the event, and a special rendition of the Rocky Horror Show's "Time Warp".

Uncle's Games will be hosting an exciting Zombie version of an elaborate scavenger/role playing game. The game, especially created for this event, will be played throughout the redmond town center. The game will involve teams competing to save their team heroes from falling victim to the Zombies.

After the "Thriller" dance, a Zombie Walk and Costume Competition will round off the event. Prizes for the competition have been donated by Redmond Town Center.

Special food offerings for Zombies (who reputedly like brains along with other body parts) will be available at many restaurants.


Members of the public who are over the age of 8 are welcome to attend and can register at or Registration is required to be recorded in the Guiness Book of World Records.

There is one last dance workshop held October 17th at 10am.
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