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The Official Seattle Zombie Walk Handbook

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Oct. 7th, 2009 | 08:25 pm

The Official Seattle Zombie Walk Handbook

Greetings Seattle Zombies!
Eric and Cleo Zombie here, keeping all our rotting friends up to date with the zombie basics. Even if you are crusty and have been zombie walking with us for the last 5 years or a newbie to zombie walks, we hope you will find this useful.

Zombie list of Contents:

1) What is a Zombie Walk?

2) Do’s and Dont’s and Safety

3) Acting Zombie: School for the Recently Undead

4) Zombie Costuming and Braiiiinstorming

5) Ideas for Non-Zombies: Victims and Heroes, our favorite snacks

What is a Zombie Walk?

According to Wikipedia: A zombie walk (aka zombie mob, zombie march, zombie horde, zombie lurch, zombie shamble, zombie shuffle or zombie pub crawl) is an organized public gathering of people who dress up in zombie costumes. Usually taking place in an urban centre, the participants make their way around the city streets and through shopping malls in a somewhat orderly fashion and often limping their way towards a local cemetery or other public space (a series of taverns in the case of a zombie pub crawl).

Zombie walks are a lot of fun (to put it simply). We gather in a large horde and shuffle around together acting like zombies trying to disrupt the everyday lives of the living. Once everyone is in character it’s typical to see zombies trying to grab other fake body parts and fight over them while grunting and moaning loudly. They also stare and lurch slowly towards “spectators” then, when they least suspect it, jump or screech real close. We like to watch what happens when 10+ zombies cram in an elevator then lurch out and pretend to attack when the doors open. The possibilities are endless but once the whole horde gets going there is no other feeling like it.

Photo group:

Favorite videos from past Walks
Red White and Dead 2009
West Seattle 2008
Fremont 2007
University Village 2006
Fremont 2005

Do’s and Dont’s: The safety talk

1. Do obey traffic laws. It’s un-zombie like but important for everyone’s safety and the law. This means walking when the light says so and stopping accordingly. Although it might be exciting to run out into the street and scare drivers to a screeching halt, don’t do it. (We don’t want to be responsible for car accidents!)

2. Don’t block traffic! Obstruction of traffic (especially Downtown) is the main reason the Police might interfere and make us disperse. We will be traveling in a very large group that will likely spill over the sidewalk. When that starts to happen, grab a few of your brethren and go to the other side of the street. Or… let the mob pass, feast on a victim, and then join the end of the mob!

3. Do not impede sales at any business on route. This means not bottle-necking entrances to retail shops. By all means stare hungrily at people inside of shops and restaurants, but please don’t leave bloody handprints on their windows!

4. Do find Zombie friendly businesses. If you know anyone along any of the Zombie walk routes, make some pre-arrangements so that we can give them extra attention.

5. Do not harass anyone who isn’t getting a kick out of the experience! Use common sense, if they are trying to avoid zombies or showing a unpleasant face don’t bother with them.

S a f e t y !

As a hungry Zombie, you are going to have to feed. You need living flesh, so other Zombies are not an option. You have two choices:

1. Hunt down by-standers and take your chances that someone, walking along, minding their business, is willing to let themselves be mauled. Try this procedure: Pick a target, ham up your approach, stand five feet in front of them licking your lips and wait until they show signs of wanting to play along. Do not just attack people! You might end up with a knuckle sandwich!

2. Find or bring a plain clothed healthy volunteer with a “Victim” name tag on! This is highly recommended. These “victims” will endure multiple Zombie “attacks” and will have their chalk lines drawn on the sidewalks of Seattle as evidence.

*Just be comfortable. Due to the irregular and jerky movements of the Zombie’s walk, you will find yourself very clumsy. Moving slowly and wearing stable shoes (like sneakers) should keep you limping along just fine! It also may get cold and wet outside. Be warm.

Long story short….. follow all regular laws of the City of Seattle and please maintain common sense. If you see anyone breaking the law and/or violating these very simple guidelines please address the issue immediately or ask for help. We want our walks to be fun for everyone including the tasty victims of Seattle!

Acting Zombie: School for the recently undead

1. Mastery of the blank gaze.
Relax all the muscles of your face and de-focus your eyes. Anyone who comes into eye contact with you should see no recognition or expression in your face. Make sure that your eyes "track" as little as possible. For a test, make your “Zombie Face” and have a friend surprise you with a loud noise. You pass if your eyes don’t dart to the noise and your body doesn’t flinch. Practice in the mirror making the “Zombie Face” and then try to do it with your friends without cracking up!

2. The Zombie Drive
A Zombie is essentially dead. In this state, you do not get itchy, adjust clothing, or speak coherently.

The driving force of a Zombie’s essence is hunger. The only active parts of Zombie mental faculties involve the need to feed. Zombies do everything they do to procure food, specifically human flesh. They are drawn toward the living to eat them. I hear brains are a particularly tasty delicacy.

3. Zombies in Public
While in public, avoid taking pictures while dressed as a Zombie. This would be a breech of character! Hand your camera off to a plain-clothed friend or “victim” to capture your most gory moments! Zombies don’t have/use cell phones. Zombies don’t talk or scream or shriek or howl – they moan or grunt.

During the event participants are encouraged to remain in character as zombies and to communicate only in a manner consistent with zombie behavior. This may include grunting, groaning and slurred, moaning calls for 'brains'. It should be noted that zombie behavior is a hot topic of debate.

4. Advanced Techniques
To heighten interest and realism, some zombie mobs will "eat" victims to create new zombies, in sight of onlookers. An effective way of doing this is to establish a route and plant a “victim” volunteer along the route ready to be “discovered” ny the mob shambling along. Surrounding the new victim to loudly feed, the Zombies conceal him or her from witnesses' view as they tear clothes and quickly apply greenish makeup and fake blood creating a new zombie who then shambles along with the ever-expanding pack to find new prey.

Favorite Video:

Zombie Costuming: Braaaaaiiiinstorming
- Show quoted text -

Depending on perspective, but largely accepted- zombieness occurs after death. So when you are thinking of your costume try thinking about what you might be wearing at the time of your death.

In western societies dead people are usually buried in their Sunday best. A trip to the Salvation Army or Value Village for an old suit jacket and trousers or a "churched-up" dress are classic. Perhaps you died in bed and re-animated in your pajamas. You would certainly be comfortable. Those are merely suggestions. There are more zombie permutations in the world than the ol' garden-variety Night of the Living Dead kind. Variations like, "spare change" Zombie, Santa zombie, Cher zombie, and Laura Bush zombie are endless and we encourage everyone to be creative with their costumes!

*tips for shredding*
scissor cuts are far too clean to look like it has been shredded, try using a cork screw and pull the clothing away from you as the cork screw’s tip shreads the clothing.

*tips for blood on clothes*
Fake blood can get sticky and after years of doing these walks we hate to get fake blood all over the interior of our cars. A really neat product to use is hot blood that can be found at A Masquerade in Bellevue WA. “Hot blood” is basically dark red glue sticks that you put through a hot glue gun and apply the bloody glue where you want the effects at.

Zombie Costume Supplies

2. Make-up
Another favorite costume shop is Display & Costume in Northgate. A trip there will be worth your while for makeup.

A. Get some whitening face paint or the stuff called "Zombie Flesh" by Mehron.

B. black grease paint to darken your eyes and cheeks for that hollow & hungry look and eyeliner to start with. Cheap, Rite Aid variety eyeshadows and eyeliners can also get you pretty banged up looking.

C. Oatmeal and liquid latex works wonders.

D. Food coloring and corn syrup makes convincing blood, but sticky. However, it is also tasty. You may want to try chocolate syrup or caramel sauce smeared strategically in your clothes....trust me......looks dead. Warning though, corn syrup also dissolves most prosthetics if you are using one.

E. Dont brush your hair! It looks great to tease out you hair if it is long. Sprinkle some leaves in it!

F. Don't forget to get yourself dirty! Tea and coffee stains on clothes age them well.

G. Get out there with yo bad self!

Favorite Zombie Make Up Videos:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GNHYRdWqcg Supplies to get
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vsp_WldhpNs latex
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snpSopWwjBc white makeup

Favorite Year Round Costume Stores

Non Zombie Ideas: Victims and Heroes, our favorite snacks

1. Photographers: Walk with us and take pictures, then post them on this Flickr.com group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/seattlezombiewalk

2. Victims: We love our Victims! You guys bring the atmospheres and help out the whole act. Wear a “Hello my name is” name tag that says “Eat Me”. Run, hide, scream and terrify other people who are not in the walk “HELP HELP ZOMBIES ARE EVERYWHERE THEY ATE MY NEIGHBOR! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!” Bring sidewalk chalk to draw chalk lines around fallen “victims” on the concrete to denote a murder scene. Run and trip a lot! Are you hardcore? If you are bring fake guts and blood to splatter on you as zombies attack you, even bring a quick makeup kit for later if you get killed and come join the zombies horde. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiYz_GxkqJg


3. Heroes: What’s a zombie movie without heroes? Show up with a good costume and try to help victims. Non-conventional weapons are the best, modify a golf club or walk around with bloody garden tools. Heroes please practice common sense, be around other zombies or costumers when walking around so people don’t think you are a crazed sniper! If you bring a fake plastic gun please make sure that the weapon looks fake, bright orange is a good indicator that it isn’t real. Be prepared that CleoZombie will eat you as her first course.

4. Silly: Hug a Zombie and see if their flesh comes off on you! Walk with a cardboard box with a sign on it that says “Lost Zombie Parts”. Volunteer to collect “Victims”. Organize a “Zombie pin-up” photo shoot after the Walk. But most importantly be creative in anything you do! A brain on a stick is always a classic.


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