Fremont Zombie #2

Zombie Summer Season 2011

Goooooood Afternoon Seattle Zombies!!

The zombie apocalypse is upon us! All over Seattle you can find zombie hordes at various events for the next three weeks leading up to the biggest zombie event of the year, The Red White and Dead party! We will breaking the world record again for the third time this July 2nd! Time to break out the bloody zombie outfit and join the horde for another great zombie season.

Help us out and share this! Post this public note and the facebook events so all the seattle zombies know!


Solstice Parade - June 18th at noon, we have a zombie float!!/event.php?eid=178249182231106

Shaun of the Dead at the Fremont Movies – June 25th
zombie costume competition and ‘brain’ pie eating contest!/event.php?eid=185805798123664

Zombie ball – June 25th at the inn between pub, Zombi-kariaoke + zombie-jager = zombie fun

Pride Parade - June 26th at 11am, show your support! Zombies love giving hugs!

Red White and Dead - July 2nd the big one!!! Do not miss this event!
We are breaking the world record and every zombie in Seattle is needed! Tell your friends, family and neighbors! Spread the zombie plague!

Thank you Seattle Zombies!
Eric the patriotic zombie and Cleo Zombie
Fremont Zombie #2

Zombie Walk this Sunday to include George Romero

When: Sunday Gather at 2:30 pm, Walk at 3:00 pm
Where: The founders court in between Intiman Theatre and Exhibition Hall at Seattle Center
What: Our classic zombie crawl will shuffle around the Seattle Center and ZomBcon filled with thousands of fans and dozens of celebrities. We will surround the SIFF to honor George Romereo for his red carpet tribute.
Why: Because there is no other experience to describe the thrill of a zombie walk, the smiles and double takes from surprised witnesses are priceless.

Click here for more details
Fremont Zombie #2

Zombie Season October 2010

Hey Seattle Zombies! We are excited to bring you an action packed Zombie Season, you will find something to do every week of October as we get closer and closer to our favorite holiday.... Halloween!

Find out more details or if you have any questions please go to our website:

The website contains further detailed information about the events. Also hosts the zombie handbook that has information on zombie makeup, zombie acting and many zombie resources that can help you with your zombie walk.
Fremont Zombie #2

Monster Prom this Sunday!

Gooooood afternoon Seattle Zombies, I am co-hosting a fun costume prom this Sunday! Show up in your finest with a monster twist, I want to see all the classic monsters! I am calling out all Vampires, Werewolves, Mummies and the most important monster of all ZOMBIES!

Start Time: Sunday, July 18, 2010 at 9:00pm
Location: Cafe Metropolitain (Olive & Boylston)

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Fremont Zombie #2


We broke the world record for a second time! 4900 zombies signed, 4233 solid entries.. no matter the final number we broke the record!

Big thank you to all the zombies that came out to the Red White and Dead Party yesterday! We broke the world record again and had a great time doing it. Thank you to all our officers and supporters, without you guys we couldn't have done it..
Fremont Zombie #2

RWD is tomorrow!!

Red White and Dead is tomorrow starting at noon! We are going to have a great time shattering that world record! Everything you need to know for the Red, White and Dead Event can be found here Don't know what to wear or how to put on zombie makeup? Check out the Handbook on the website!
Fremont Zombie #2

Red, White and Dead Event and After Parties!!!

Hey Hey Seattle Zombies! This has been an amazing year for zombies in the Northwest. We have had a presence in parades, horror conventions and even Seattle's Ride the Duck! The biggest undead event of the year is this saturday, I want to see you in all your rotting glory and help us return the World Record back to Seattle!

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March for Zombie Rights! This Sunday 6/27 11am @ 4th and Cherry!


I have a nightmare that one day future generations of zombies will be able to go to school with the living, that the government will not interfere with the love between a zombie and the living. That families will not be ripped apart just because a family member has died. I have a vision of couples living and dying in perfect harmony, growing with legalized zombie adoptions and consolidating with respectful decomposition.

Far too long our groans and shambling have been ignored! Far too often we have been used for target practice and forced to ride underneath the bus. Far too many times have zombie rights been trampled to preserve the happiness of the living.
All because we love brains...

It’s true, we were once alive, but being re-animated does not mean we are not people too. But if you prick us do we not ooze?

Their pistols may aim for our heads, but their intolerance hits us right in the heart...

End the Hate and march for Zombie Rights!!
-Zombie Pope

Both Seattle Pride and the our vampire relatives the Seattle Goths are sympathetic to our cause and have asked us to join the Seattle Pride Parade this year! The pride parade is about Unity, Honor Diversity, and Achieve Equal Human Rights throughout our Region and the World. Some of undead knew a horribly racist world. They lived in hate crimes. They knew segregation. They knew discrimination.NOW that we are on our way to becoming an open and free and loving society that EVEN THE DEAD want to find that perfect loving society that they were so deprived of in life. All the undead, the gay and straight together, return to greet their living brethren in hopes that the world will unite in peace. The living and dead TOGETHER can find a place of unity and trust.


Who: Zombies willing to dress up and have a blast! Looking for peace signs like "Zombies are People too!" "DON'T HATE! DETERIORATE!" "ZOMBIE is the new Black" "I ♥ my gay undead son" "wish this march happened when I was alive and I would have Come OUT" "BRAINS!" "ALL WE WANT IS BRAINS!"

Where: Downtown Seattle on 4th street between Columbia and Cherry street, We will be with the Seattle Goth float #149

When: June 27th, The Parade will start rolling at 11am - our section will probably start moving around 11:30 - 12:00.

RULES: NO WEAPONS, NOTHING that would imply violence or hate (you can be dead and rotting but you can't be a hater), NO BUSINESS SIGNS OR LOGOS, we are here to support the pride parade and not insult it.

Sponsor: a bat with your zombie name on it that will be pinned on the goth-float. Still available for a limited time!

Statement from Cate 'Heretic Saint' Leader of Seattle Gothic Pride about zombies in pride parade:
'we are goths. we have a hearse in the parade. we have bats. we are like a little horror show. we have just as much right to be there as anybody and will not have our message and sexual diversity marginalized because somebody thinks we don't fit into their little box.'
Link to Gothic Pride Seattle:

Help Break the Zombie Walk World Record at Red White and Dead Party July 3rd!

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